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Nichipet 7000


Fully autoclavable. ( 121℃ for 20 minutes )

Enhanced UV resistance for better use in clean benches.
Suitable for dispensing to 96 well micro plates.
Easy digital volume setting.
Easy and convenient single hand locking lever.
Four sizes ( V,S,L,K ) covering a wide volume range.
Constructed not to let the temperature of the hand influence the accuracy.
The ejector allows tip ejections without touching the tip.
Revolving handle ( 360°) to fixate convenient position in pipetting.

Cat. No   Volume Setting Volume range(μL) Increments(μL) Usable tips
00-NP7-8V 8 Digital Setting 0.5~10 0.01 BMT-UT/UTR,CT-UT/UTR
00-NP7-8S 5~50 0.1 BMT-SG/SGR,CT-SG/SGR
00-NP7-8L 40~200 0.2 BMT-SG/SGR
00-NP7-8K 50~300 1 BMT-K/KR
00-NP7-12V 12 0.5~10 0.01 BMT-UT/UTR,CT-UT/UTR
00-NP7-12S 5~50 0.1 BMT-SG/SGR,CT-SG/SGR
00-NP7-12L 40~200 0.2 BMT-SG/SGR
00-NP7-12K 50~300 1 BMT-K/KR
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Nichipet 7000

Nichipet 7000

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